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Generator Maintenance

At Pops Electric, we have Generac certified technicians that can maintenance your Generac Generator, Honeywell Generator, or Siemens Generator better than any other company in all of South Jersey!  If it’s been a year since your generator was installed or last maintenanced, or if your yellow light is on, then it’s time to have Pops Electric come out to do your annual preventative maintenance.  By having Pops Electric maintain your generator, we can ensure that your generator will work when you need it most. Our thorough maintenance routine will make your generator run better and last longer, to get the most out of your investment. We also have an exclusive technique for cleaning and lubricating the inside of the generator.  Below is a list of just some of the items that we perform while onsite:

-Drain old oil & recycle oil
-Remove old oil filter, supply and install new Generac oil filter
-Supply and Install full synthetic oil
-Check the air filter
-Check Spark plugs
-Check output voltage and frequency
-Clean and neutralize battery, cables and battery compartment
-Install corrosion inhibitors on battery posts
-Inspect Fuel Plenum for any signs of rust
-Lubricate fuel Plenum to prevent rust
-Clean interior of generator, free of grass clippings, sand, leaves, mulch, etc
-Lubricate interior to prevent rust and displace moisture
-Inspect stator bolts that they are tight
-Inspect gas line and paint any signs of rust
-Check and update operating system
-Spread ANT SHIELD around base of generator
-Clean exterior
-Wax Exterior
-Inspect & Clean inside of transfer switch
-Test Transfer Switch by simulating outage
-Reset maintenance and check all settings