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Aluminum Wiring

Does my whole house need to be rewired if I have Aluminum Wiring?

No. A Licensed Electrician can fix all the connections where aluminum wiring connects to receptacles, switches, light fixtures, etc. and this will prevent any problems.

Is aluminum wiring dangerous?

Yes. Aluminum wire expands and contracts. This expanding and contracting creates loose connections which, in turn, can cause a fire. Also, Aluminum oxidizes, which means it gets a film on it that compromises the connection and can also cause a fire. If you have aluminum wiring and/or experience any of the problems listed above, contact us immediately!

What are some of the signs of an electrical problem that could cause a fire?

  • Warm-to-the-touch face plates on receptacles, switches, dimmers, or fan controls.
  • Flickering lights
  • Circuits that stop working
  • Smell of burning wire or plastic
  • Burn marks or hot spots at receptacles, switches, dimmers, etc.
  • Lights that get brighter or dimmer when something else if turned on
  • Lights that seem to burn out too often
  • Fans or appliances that do not seem to work correctly all the time
  • Smoke, flames, or sparks

If you notice any of these conditions, contact us immediately!