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Free Estimates

At Pops Electric, we offer Free Estimates for all new installations. However, there are some instances that require an electrical inspection, in order to give the free estimate. For instance, “knob and tube wiring” would require a thorough electrical inspection of every outlet and switch, to know exactly what has “knob & tube” and what doesn’t. When the inspection is complete, we can then give you a free estimate based on what we found in the inspection. Any electrician that does not do the inspection, and only does a walk-through, has very little to base their estimate on, and will most likely increase their price once the job is started.

Another example would be troubleshooting. Since we do not know what the problem is, or how long it would take to find it, or what actions would be necessary to correct it, we can not give a free estimate. Instead, we only bill for 1 hour and do our best to find and/or fix the problem in that hour.

Not sure? Give our office a call and we’d be glad to let you know if it’s a free estimate.  Many times we can even quote a price right over the phone!

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