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What’s a Cut-in card?

If the electric to a property in New Jersey has been off for over 6 months, or if the electric has been cut for fire or other damage, the Electric Utility Company will require a Cut-In-Card. So you’re probable thinking, “Okay, so I’ll get a cut-in-card, right?”. Not so fast. In order to obtain a cut-in-card in NJ, you must have a licensed electrician inspect the electrical service to the property. The electrician must obtain an Electrical Permit for a Service Reconnect and make the Service ready for inspection. A Cut-in card, or Cut Card for short, is basically a Certificate of Approval sent from the municipal Electrical Inspector of the town the property is located in, to the Electric Utility Co., to let them know that it is safe to Cut-in, or reconnect, the power.

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