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Attic Fans

Attic fans are a great way to make your home more comfortable and cut your Air Conditioning costs. At POPS ELECTRIC, our employees have been installing attic fans for over 25 years, so that you can feel comfortable knowing the job is done right!  We install top-of-the-line roof mounted attic fans that are thermostatically controlled to insure that when the temperature in your attic exceeds 90 degrees, your fan is running to keep you cool. The fan that we install is a Master Flow PRO3. It comes with a new metal (not plastic) housing, a permanently lubricated motor, and a new high quality thermostat. It moves 1600CFM’s of air (that’s impressive!) which is 40% more airflow than most common fans.  And it’s all covered from the manufacturer by a 10-year warranty on the entire fan and thermostat and a 5 year warranty on the labor.  And, as with all of our installations, we guarantee for life that your attic fan is installed properly!


– 1600 CFM’s of airflow (best in the industry), 40% more air than other models!
– All metal housing (others use plastic which will crack and break and cause a roof leak)
– New Thermostat (set it and forget it!)
– 10 year warranty
– Manufacturer: Master Flow
– Model: Pro 3

For more info on attic fans: http://www.atticfans.com/